Welcome to the Gloster Arboretum where visitors are invited to experience a stunning abundance of trees, shrubs, and flowers, many of which are native to southern Mississippi, preserved in a natural setting along the roads and trails of this 400-acre nature preserve.  
John James Audubon Foundation
Gloster Arboretum Mission Statement
The overall mission of the Gloster Arboretum is preservation, conservation, and education. We are committed to perpetuating Frank and Sara Gladney's vision and demonstrated example of active involvement as the Founders of the Gloster Arboretum and John James Audubon Foundation.
  • To utilize sound forest management practices in keeping with the overall mission
  • To preserve the unique indigenous plant associations on the property recognizing that they are part of a dynamic, but fragile forest ecosystem
  • To protect and enhance non-indigenous plantings which have been introduced by the Gladneys and others
  • To expand plantings as funds become available and manage them in keeping with the naturalistic character of the site
  • To encourage public involvement for those who have interests in keeping with the mission and objectives of the Gloster Arboretum
  • To seek funding through various means, such as expanding memberships, therefore helping  perpetuate the early work of Frank and Sara Gladney
  • To engage the services and presence of personnel sympathetic with the overall goals of the Arboretum who are committed to protecting the interests of the Foundation.
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